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What is LIFT?


What is so amazing about LIFT is that it is completely collaborative;  where teachers, children and families can work together online.  No need for upfront and very expensive hardware or backup management systems:  We take the headache of all this away.  

LIFT is also compatible with most smart phone browsers, which teachers and families can use to quickly upload or view information. 

With the introduction of the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which now includes a focus on digital learning, the use of digital media and collaboration with families, LIFT makes management of many of these new tasks simple.  

Who can use LIFT?

LIFT is designed for use for early childhood professionals and their families within a range of services including:

  • family day care 
  • nanny/aupair
  • long day care/child care
  • kindergartens
  • occassional care providers


  • Record your observations & upload supporting photos (can be done on many new mobile phones, computers)
  • Simple guides and drop down lists that make entry a breeze & cross referencing simple
  • Easy to use shared activities and lesson plans (500 activities ideas growing daily)
  • Flexible to modify and manage emergent learning & program changes
  • Simple to enter and modify your programs (easy one step linking of programs to children)
  • Straight forward process create and print your transition statements
  • Allows parents to see live their child’s observations, programs and transition statements
  • Full control of what parents see using drafting to effectively 'hide records' till they are ready for publishing
  • Allows parents to be able to provide input to individual observations and plans
  • Secured using an SSL secure connection

How LIFT can help you?
  • LIFT provides step by step guidance to help teachers meet the new EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) and National Quality Standards requirements? 
  • With LIFT it is easy to demonstrate that your program is child centered, provides choice, demonstrates preparation and intentional teaching & has when required been adapted or modified to meet the emergent needs of a child or children in your group;
  • LIFT will improve collaboration with families, parents will for the first time be able to really see the enormous effort and preparation teachers put into creating their child's programs;
  • LIFT is a TOOL that saves you time managing and preparing your child's documentation.  Easily upload and store photos with your observations and produce attractive learning portfolios - say goodbye to hours of producing and managing word documents which easily become disorganized, requires huge storage areas and significant amount of your time formating and printing.
  • SAVE $$$ by not printing every learning story and photo you take.   Printing in colour can be very expensive (typically between 20-30 cents per page!) and it is very taxing on our environment.  With LIFT the requirement to print folios is vitually eliminated.   No more expensive or unnecessary printing where educators and families can view detailed reporting online at work, at home, their IPADs or even on their smart phones.
  • Your families will love being not only being able to see what their child is learning at your service but also participating and sharing in that learning journey.  

LIFT costs only $10 per child per year!

This is inclusive of an unlimited number of teachers and family members access to LIFT.  It also includes ongoing support and assistance.  

This is a remarkable offer providing you access to an amazing 'one of kind' service at an exceptionally low cost. 

We are currently offering a special promotion of full set up assistance and training to help you get started with LIFT.  Do not miss this amazing offer!

Don't forget that we are also offering a free 30 day trial of our product, so you can see for yourself risk free the amazing benefits of using LIFT. 

Special discounts are also available by request for students and not for profit services. Please email us at with your details and we will endeavour to work out an affordable payment option for you.

Payment Options

We aim to provide flexible payment options plans for a small administration fee. 

We accept all major credit cards, bank deposits & cheques. 

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