About Us

Raise Learning's key focus is on raising the quality of early childhood education by providing tools, resources, training and advice that enhance and support teachers and educators to deliver outstanding teaching outcomes.

We help you navigate the many changes that are taking place in our industry, particularly with the EYLF (Early Learning Years Framework) and the National Quality Standards.

"Every child is a different kind of little flower, and all together they make this world a beautiful garden" - Anonymous

It’s all about passion and collaboration 

We recognize that true and measurable improvement in delivery of quality educative services can only be achieved when educators are passionate, can visualize shared ‘end goals’ and are both supported and empowered to achieve collective and iterative improvement through a variety of ongoing professional development methodologies and collaboration and networking amongst broad education and care communities. 

Early childhood services need to adapt and evolve 
We believe that early childhood management and practice needs to adapt to integrate significant cultural and media changes that have occurred over the last decade, including: being flexible and collaborative with families; using electronic platforms to communicate and collaborate; leveraging social media; simplifying and automating unnecessary complexity and administration which distract from a teacher's real purpose; creating rewarding and stimulating career options that are family friendly, engaging and fulfilling. 


World without borders  

We aim to cross cultural and delivery contexts, building its people and participating community members to adopt best practice in care and education through the assessment and reflection on a variety of educative methodologies and practices, encouraging educators to adapt, modify and work with elements of emergent best practice and educative philosophies that work for them, their children and their communities. Early childhood practice has over the last decade undergone, and continues to undergo, rapid change and improvement: being informed and updated by a continuous stream of research and evaluation from around the world in a variety of communities and care contexts. We believe that empowering educators of all levels within the industry to collaborate and be informed by this stream of information is the only real way to deliver ongoing change and improvement.


Raise proudly introduces LIFT... 

In addition to providing training and management services support, we have developed LIFT (Learning Involving Families and Teachers), an online early childhood programming and planning service. 

Some things LIFT offers include: 

  • Parents and teachers can collaborate simply and securely
  • Available to a range of early childhood service providers, including childcare, long daycare, family daycare, Kindergarten and Preschool
  • Specifically developed to help you work with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), both guiding your reflection and allowing easy demonstratation of compliance to the new National Quality Standards
  • Highly flexible and able to be adapted to services using traditional program format, child folios or emergent learning - reporting dynamically only elements you choose
  • Upload photos
  • Write online Learning Stories
  • Write simple notes
  • Record parent communication and input
  • Prepare programs, drawing on an extensive database of lesson plans and activities
  • Easily prepare and report your annual transition statements