LIFT Testimonials


The “LIFT” data base program has brought our centre into the 21st Century with technology that allows for better record keeping, reporting, parental partnership and overall efficiency that best complies with the Early Years Learning Framework.

We have been using the “LIFT”program for twelve months now and have had the best of outcomes for our services.

The “LIFT” program is easy to follow and provides staff with what we need most “Time with the children”.

Lift provides a great open communication to better engage and provide information to busy families. “LIFT” also provides everyone from the director to the support staff with clear operating guidelines to be more efficient and effective in their roles.

Lorraine our dedicated LIFT team expert has been with us every step of the way providing great professional support and guidance when we have needed some assistance along the way.

Marina Veleski (Educator) Tiny Tots ELC, Wonoona NSW


Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving doing transition reports on LIFT. OMG how much easier is it not having to save to a usb, swap it!!!! It has motivated me to make sure next year our observations are more individualised and meaningful (rather than have notes everywhere, including in our heads!)

We are also gearing our interview days to have some checklists ready so we can put observations straight on LIFT.  Great tool to make you reflect and progress on how we do things as Educators.  And naturally as we progress so too will the parents involvement.

Looking forward to (and inspired I must say) to continue to use lift and ease the workload. 

Karen Dalton (Teacher) Port Fairy VIC


As early childhood professionals,  we are constantly looking for the best ways to not only teach but also keep records, communicate most effectively with families and make the work environment as productive and efficient as possible. With the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework and the daily requirements expected from staff in terms of record keeping and parental partnership we felt there had to be a more efficient and technologically advanced means by which to operate than by spending hours typing up handwritten observations & filing pieces of paper. 

We went online and were beginning to feel a little despondent when we happened upon the Raise Learning LIFT website. It initially seemed almost too good to be true - that one web program would enable me to do away with laborious costly photocopying, filing and trying to pass messages to individual families or class groups. However LIFT delivers everything it promises and more. From the moment we trialled the new program we were supported and assisted by the friendly LIFT team. Our questions have been promptly answered and the program is so clearly set up with its drop down blue menus & green prompt buttons that even the most technologically challenged will experience success.

Peter Pan Child Care Centre (Early Childhood Teacher) Mt. Gravatt QLD

I just wanted to let you know how brilliant I think the new programming database is (LIFT). First of all, it required very little training and was so easy to pick up on. I love the fact that we can use the children's photos for observations as they are so very easy to download. Having all the children's and families' personal details attached makes it so easy to access, along with any memos we wish to leave ourselves as reminders. I could go on forever about how impressed I am with this new system but most of all I love that it has actually cut my programming time in HALF!!!  Everything I need when commencing a new program is right there in front of me. I no longer need to think about what I need to program for a particular child or which child is to be programmed for that cycle, as it is ready to go after typing in the observations. LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!!

Jean Vincent (Early Childhood Teacher) Diamond Creek VIC

In my family my husband works and I study full time.  I have always found drop off and pick up so hectic and it is just too difficult to take time to really look at the programs and to discuss issues.  I can honestly say that LIFT has made it so easy to find out what's been happening and to communicate with my children's teachers.   I never realised just how much work that the teachers did programming and planning activities...I find it so fantastic to be able to sit down late at night, once the kids are in bed, and see what has been happening. I would highly recommend LIFT to any service.

Rachael West (Parent) Mt. Eveyln VIC

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful tool the Raise Learning website is.

I have found that when I pick James up from preschool I am usually in a rush and don't always have time to stop and look at the days activities on the laptop. We hop in the car and I ask him what he has done at school and I usually get the response "I can't remember". This site allows me to read about what he has been up to each day, along with photos. I have found it to be a great conversation starter with James as I am really informed about what he has been doing.

Thanks for this great website

Andrea Diamond (St Ives) NSW

‘I found LIFT to be so easy to use, that it took the guess work out of how to best document, especially with so many changes being brought into the early childhood sector. The LIFT team, especially Natalie have been great at supporting my team when we needed a little extra help. They are always there to assist, and I never felt lost in any way as I used this amazing program. I would highly recommend LIFT to anyone, looking to find a way to best comply with all that is asked of us as teachers, in the easiest way possible. Keep up the great work guys, LIFT is amazing, and our families love it’
Melissa Savvas (Jane's Place Kensington) NSW

Everything is there for a family daycarer! LIFT takes the worry out of the requirements they now want us to show
Carole  (Currans Hill) NSW

What I love most about LIFT is the service at the end of the phone and the knowledge of changes and reassurance with what we are doing.

Karen (Port Fairy) VIC

LIFT is Easy to understand and the finished program is well presented and easy to read.
Paula (Boronia Heights) QLD

I love how it is so easy to use and how the website allows us to do so many things for both staff and parents. Parents have given positive feedback on the site and they enjoy having easy access to their children's observations and knowing what they have been doing during the week. LIFT makes programming much easier, it is Wonderful!

Shahde (Mt Gravett) QLD

I love most in LIFT the way you can easily link observations and programs.
Samantha (Capalaba) QLD

I love that everything required is all together in one place and integrated to reduce duplication of work.
(Alexandria  Hills)   NSW

We highly recommend Smartie Pants. My eldest daughter - now 4yrs old is now in Little Genius Room and has been coming to Smartie Pants since she was 3 months old. My second daughter now age 2 is in Pip Squeaks and has attended since 6 months of age. The staff are very caring, patient and understanding of your child's needs. The educational programs are well structured for each age level. The LIFT program is great - private online program with photos and stories of your childs development - a great tool as well to communicate directly to their carers. My girls love attending Smartie Pants and we could not be happier. 
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Walsh Family (Diamond Creek)   VIC

Recently we had the horrible experience of our much loved childcare centre closing down. We were devastated. We immediately started looking at all childcare centre’s in the area and was interviewed and given a tour of Smartie Pants by Emma without delay. My first impressions was large spacious environment with happy children, Emma knew all the children by name which I thought was impressive. Since we began at the centre, each time I pick up my son there is something new that impresses me. Most recently is the LIFT program. I love hoping online to check to see what my little man has been up to. I feel like I am no longer missing his childhood and am more involved with his care and development.


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Michelle Foster (Diamond Creek) VIC  


I love the amount of activities to use and add to plans, the ability to use the program slide show and he connection the the early year learning framework!
Anna (Port Fairy) VIC  

I love that everything is linked which makes our job much easer and we are not looking for links etc.
Saeon (Wellington Point) QLD

I love that it makes observations easy
Rebecca (Buli) NSW

I love that everything is online and can be accesed at anytime.  I love the fact that parents have access when they have time.
Mali (Kellyville) NSW

I love the ease of access and the availability of the program from any internet user. I also love the fact that parents and families can interact with educators and provide feedback for further learning.
Kathleen (Logan Central) QLD

At first I was unsure about signing up to LIFT because it sounded like it would take time to set up but actually it was quick and easy to follow. Once you're in it's fantastic to see pics of the kids and little stories about their day, friends they played with and the funny things they said! I've been able to make some comments via the website as well.  I have a lovely record of how my kids have grown throughout the year."  
Angie D-Slater (Diamond Creek) VIC