Having trouble logging into LIFT using a Apple device?

Update Your Device to 13.2.3

In late September 2019, Apple rolled out it's 12.4 release. This release caused a number of issues with Apps like LIFT.  Apple quickly rolled out an update to fix the reported bugs. Unfortunately, not everyone updates their devices automatically and this has meant some users continue to experience issues accessing both the LIFT App and the LIFT website. 

This issue normally resolves completely on update of your device.  We recommend users update to the latest release 13.2.3 which addresses many bugs that occurred in previous updates including with LIFT


Still have issues?

In some cases you may need to also clear the cache on your phone. To do this you can go into Safari settings on your device and click 'Clear History and Website Data'. If you need further help doing this, you can visit Apple's support page. It may also be helpful to delete and reinstall the LIFT App after the device update. 

Please ensure also that you have not turned on 'Block all Cookies' and that you have JavaScript enabled (this is normally the default setting). 

If you continue to experience any issues, please log a support request with the LIFT Support Team.