Definition and Terms used in the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework)

Agency To have influence and control
Critical reflection
Angela O‟Connor and Cathy Diggins (2008) argues that reflection (looking back at what we did) is an assumed part of what teachers do everyday, however then critical reflection (or reflection in action) is doing reflection at a more conscious level.  Critical reflection is the process of analysing, reconsidering and questioning experiences within a broad context of issues, ideas and values.  

Here are some prompts to help educators reflect critically:
"what did I do"
"What do I never do?"
"What could I have done better"
“what is happening here?”
“How do we know what we know?”  
“Are there other ways of looking at this”
“Do all the things I know agree with each other ? 
“Do I need to read more?”  “Talk to some more people?” Try some more things?”
Holistic Approach "focusing on the child’s physical, emotional, social as well as cognitive development"
Intentional teaching
Here's a great video link

Rich observation    


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