Guided account set up

1. Add families & children

While LIFT can store detailed information, designed to help educators easily access key contact details, for the purposes of managing your LIFT account each family need only to provide the Family's "Last Name" & the "primary contact" for that family.  The latter is required to ensure that where families attending the service have the same last name, accounts can be easily differentiated. 

After you login, please add a family record in the form below. Each time you submit, the form will reset ready for the next entry. Enter as many families as you would like. 

Please note this page is designed to help you fast track your account set up, hence a detailed editing is not available from this page.  However, please don't worry if you make a mistake or would like to change or remove this family; you can always do this from our set up "Enrolment / Service" page at any time.