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Hazard & Causes


Elimination Controls

Prevention Controls

Mitigation Controls




Environmental - Sunburn Burnt skin Do not go outdoors when UV indicator is 3 or above without barrier protection Sunsmart clothing, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, shade and monitor exposure time

Staff training
Watch for signs of sunburn

Treat burn immediately with cool water

First Aid
Possible Medium Moderate
Environmental - Poisoning

Medicines/ Cleaning chemicals left at child level

Use of toxic/unsafe paints, dyes or play resources

Regular yard/ room/ maintenance checks

Serious allergy/reaction
Replace high risk chemicals with lower risk and/or natural enviornmentally friendly alternatives Store hazardous chemicals in locked cupboards out of reach of children

Ensure all chemicals properly labelled and stored in child proof containers

Remove poisonous plants/weeds

Purchase child resources from reputable suppliers
First Aid

Emergency Management Plans

Staff training 

Resources like 'Nurse-on-call'

Unlikely Severe High