How LIFT Manages Photo Security

LIFT stores and handles images with the highest levels of security applied to each image.  This means that only persons with approved access to an image can view that image once they have successfully authenticated using their own unique username and password.  

Unlike other online documentation services, it is not possible in LIFT to access an image on the open web.  To view an image the person must be authenticated and must have approved access to that image. When records are created in LIFT,  each image is linked to specific child (in observations) or a specific group (in plans). Even when adding observations/plans to multiple children/groups, LIFT duplicates data in each record creating unique record level security for all data.  This facilitates customisation of each record and ensures only persons with approved access can see that record and any linked files etc. 

Please note that the way in LIFT handles and assigns record level security, means at this stage, LIFT does not support the duplication of files (images) from one secure record to another.  When duplicating observations/plans,  users will be required to re-upload images to LIFT.