Easy Image Management - Fast, simple & safe

Amazingly FAST! - Up to 100*  times faster! Upload 3 images at once. 


Secure -Your photographs continue to be stored securely on our database. No open URLs & no social media sharing!


Save on your Internet usage - By automatically resizing photos before uploading takes away the pain of sharing internet 

It's finally here!  After more than 6 months in development. we have finally developed a new way of managing your images - not only is our new system unbelievably fast, the security and integrity of your images is ensured by continuing to store and manage your images within our secure database.  

Our developers are using the latest technology to store and manage your photos.  This means that to achieve fast uploading of your files,  does not mean you have to sacrifice the level of security of  photographs.  Our system will automatically resize your images to the optimum upload size and your images will not be stored on an open URL addresses as we have seen many developers using a social media approach use. 
The first release of our super fast image management system will be offered in a beta version
Update: 29/11/2013 The new image management tool has been upgraded from beta release to full roll out in the observations.  Beta release of the new tool for planning/programming is scheduled to commence 7 December 2013.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that some older versions of web-browsers (for example Internet Explorer version 8 or less) can not view uploaded images using our new system.  Users attempting to view your pictures on these old browsers will be prompted to use our preferred browser 'Google Chrome' or update their browsers. For more information click here.

*based on an average 5MB image