Information About LIFT for Families

LIFT is a simple online service for Early Childhood Professionals to safely and securely document child Learning, lesson planning and share ideas and information with families


What is LIFT?

LIFT is a secure online program which allows you to be a part of your child’s learning and development. Through sharing observations of your child’s learning, progress, likes and dislikes, commenting on observations and programs and sharing ideas, we can develop and customise our learning programs to extend and challenge your child.

LIFT also allows you stay current and connected with all aspects of our operations from our programs, policies, news and events. 

Finally and most importantly, LIFT also allows you to keep a lasting memento of your child’s time at our service and share their portfolio with family, future teachers and specialists.   


Why we chose LIFT?

Decades of research from all over the world which demonstrates that from the earliest stages of learning, family involvement in children's education improves long term learning outcomes. This is why the government has invested heavily in implementation of a new early childhood curriculum: the Early Years Learning Framework; and a new National Quality Standard.  While the changes are ambitious and challenging, our service aspires to exceed these new standards, delivering the best possible outcomes for your child. 


We understand how difficult it is for busy working families to get involved in their child’s learning, let alone helping our service by getting involved in curriculum and policy development.  This is why we have chosen an online program to help families get involved in whatever ways best suit them.  Just as the title acronym describes, LIFT supports 'learning involving families and teachers' and helps us connect with you in everything we do: from orientating your child into our service, observing and assessing your child’s learning progress, developing experiences that will support and extend your child’s interests and learning to engaging you in development of our policies and procedures.


We selected LIFT because it is:
- completely collaborative; where teachers, children and families can work together online
- totally secure, stored and accessed via a password protected SSL secure environment (the same level as security provided with online banking),
- is compliant with the new Early Years Learning Framework; and
- allows you to connect and get involved in all aspect of our service’s operation. 


How to get started?

To be linked to your child's records you must first complete a hard copy permission form.

Using this form, you can grant any number of family members (grand-parents, aunties & uncles etc.) or even specialists access to your child’s records.  Please note that we cannot accept verbal advice of permission; as a user of LIFT you agree to and accept to abide with LIFT’s terms of use, security and privacy policies which can be accessed at


Initially, you will be prompted to set up your account either via:

  1. an email invitation; OR
  2. manually registering your details online at  


In both methods you will be prompted to provide your secure login information and password.  Please note that where a family receives an invitation directly from the service, approval and access is completed immediately.  However, where a parent manually registers online there may be a delay in processing your registration.  We will contact you as soon as your account has been processed.


How do I Open my Child's Records?

LIFT can be accessed through the Raise Learning’s website  Please choose the third main heading "LIFT FOR FAMILIES".   You will be prompted for a login username and password (the same as you nominated at registration).  

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the reset password link at the bottom of the login form.  A reset password link will be automatically emailed your email address and is valid for 2 hours from the time you requested to reset your password.  If you experience any difficulties or need assistance to access your account, please visit LIFT’s support page and log a request for assistance at