Join - Getting started

Congratulations and Welcome - your trial account is now active

At Raise Learning we believe that your success is our success and hence, we provide a range of training and support options.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 03 9016 3176 between 9am and 6pm if you need any assistance.  Alternatively you can use our LIFT support area to log a help request in our online support form. 

Only 3 more things to do to set up your account....

When you are ready you can log into any part of LIFT by visiting the navigation links above.  However, there are just three more things you will need to set up before you can begin adding records.

1. Add families & children

Easily add, remove or edit Family and child information in our Enrolment / Service page. We have a number of quick help demonstration videos on our support page which can show you how to do this.

Please note that if you have allot of children to add, our LIFT support team may be able to assist you by uploading enroment data exported from a spreadsheet, database or account mangement software)

2. Add your service goals

Easily demonstrate active consideration of your services goals, principles & philosophies by adding them to LIFT in our Enrolment / Service page.

3. Add some program cycles (future program dates)

Every service runs their program over different days and time period. LIFT is flexible and allows you to set up your program cycles starting and finishing as suits your service.

Please note that program cycles are used to organise and prepare for "pre-programmed" activities, however LIFT also is flexible to faciliate emergent activities/experiences as they arise. Visit the programs page to set up your program cycles.

A final note about security... 

Our Security & Protecting Your Information Please note that yours and your families' privacy is paramount to us and we have implemented a number of strategies to ensure we provide a very high level of protection. Please visit our security page to learn more.