Lesson 2

1. Adding families & Children

Adding new enrolments to your service is very simple.  In LIFT children are linked up to their families and this is why we must always, when adding a new enrolement,  enter family information first.  A common error is to enter a famiy details more than once when you enter additional siblings.  While the system will allow your entry, LIFT treats each new family as unqiue and later this will lead to issues when linking up parents to their family portal where they will only see one of their child's records.  This error is very easily remedied, but is always best avoided to prevent confusion.  

Add a New Family

  • Click to 'Enrolment / Service'
  • Click 'Add Family' tab.

Important Reminder!
Only enter the family details once. You can later link multiple children to the one family record.

  • Enter details of family making sure that enter the primary contact of the family.
  • Click Submit 

Important Reminder! 
Don’t forget to update your privacy and programming policies!

LIFT provides the highest level of security for sharing of information and images online. LIFT has a strict terms of use policy which requires you to take responsibility for implementing the privacy requirements of families using your service. Your service should advise and update families of LIFT and respond with strategies for managing parent's privacy requirements in the same way you manage sharing of photos in centre displays, newsletters and emails (eg. for group programs) etc.

Similarly your policies and procedures should take the greatest of care to ensure that families’ information is only ever made available to persons that family has directly given permission to view. LIFT has developed a recommended permission form to do this.

This may require you to update your privacy policy is updated to reflect use of electronic documentation that is both online (cloud such as with email, LIFT and CCMS information) and offline (on your local networks). If you would like help reviewing the adequacy of your policy, please see our web page 'Ensuring your privacy policy is adequate'.

Also we recommend you create or update your programming, parent access to children's records policies, guidelines or procedures.Here's a link to a universal access template policy for LIFT.