Lesson 5

Managing access to children's records

In LIFT you can control who and what records each user can see. There are 3 levels of acess:

1. Parents (Parents can only see their own child or children's records)
2. Teachers (Teachers can see all records in LIFT for your service, but cannot edit or change enrolment data)
3. Administrators (Adminstrators can see all recrods and change enrolment informaiton).

  • Click 'Enrolment / Service' (If you haven't already login to your service) 
  • Click 'Manage Access'
  • Enter the name of the person you wish to edit their access to or leave blank to return all persons linked to your service
  • Click Search
  • Click 'View/edit' on the right hand side of the person you wish edit 

  • If linking a family....
    • Select the Family name from the drop down list to link a family to
    • Select the primary contact for that family (this ensures when there is one or more persons with the same last name, you link to the correct family)
    • Click Update
    If unlinking a family...
    • Select the Family name from the drop down list to link a family to
    • Choose 'Remove primary contact details' from the top of the drop down menu. 
    • Click Update
    If linking a teacher....
    • Select the name of your service from the drop down menu for each level of access you wish the teacher to have access to
    • Click update
    If unlinking a teacher....
    • Change access, using the drop down list, to "No"
    • Click upda