LIFT Browser Support

With diminishing support for older browser versions, as of 1 January 2014, LIFT will no longer support antiquated versions of some browsers.  This means that browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 or older may not continue to be able to use all of the funcitonality availability in LIFT. 


Please note that users can continue to submit observations using the old image management tool by using the following link


The LIFT development team strongly recommends you utilse our preferred browser: Google Chrome.  In addition to its incredible support and dominate market share,  Google Chrome allows LIFT to run faster and access a wide range of tools and and technology not available in other browsers.Click here to download Chrome


If you are unable to download and use Google Chrome, please contact our support team who may be able to suggest a number of other alternative broswers and/or patches that may be availabe for the browser version you currently have installed. 


Internet Browsers whose latest update is compatible with LIFT:

- Google Chrome 

- Safari 

- Firefox 


Please note if using the above browsers on a mobile, you may need to upate your operating systems to support changes made to your browser.  For example older versions of Iphone could not access the files (pictures) on the device.  The latest update in IOS 7 has overcome some of the earlier file management obstacles in LIFT.