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How to add a family and a child to your service

How to remove a family from your service

How to remove a child details from your service

Special notes about 'removing' a family's or child's details from your service. 

- No records are actually deleted from your service.  Instead all records are effectively 'archived' or 'unlinked' from your active file.  Please contact your LIFT account manager or the LIFT support team if you have want to retrieve a family's or child's archived record.  

- Archived records are available to be retrieved for up to 5 years after the child has left the service or until the child turns 6 years of age (whichever is sooner).  Services are advised to print records after children have left their service and store appropriately in compliance with their state/national record keeping requirements.  

- You do not need to contact LIFT when you add or remove a child from your account.  The LIFT team will review your account quarterly and invoice you as required.  

- At the start of the next year you may wish to allow families,  who have left your service,  accounts active up for an additional two months (to allow families who have left your service additional time to download/finalise their accounts).  Please contact the LIFT team if you do wish to do this to avoid being over billed in the first quarter.