LIFTing the Paperwork Burden

 (Learning Involving Families & Teachers)

Spending more time doing paperwork than teaching? 

Julia of Peter Pan Childcare (QLD), argues “We need to find ways to work smarter, leveraging opportunities provided by technologies like LIFT. This online database does away with costly, time consuming printing, photocopying, gluing, pasting, not to mention finding space for those ever increasing files. LIFT enables educators to create children’s e-portfolios, programs, reflections and link calendar events, all at the touch of a button.” 

Parents have unlimited access to their child's learning journey, can upload photos and share comments. Leanne of Precious Momentz (ACT) loves the improved parent engagement “after extensive research, we‘re so happy we chose LIFT. It is easy to use and even those intimidated by computers were surprised at how quickly they picked it up. Parent response has been awesome, they love being able to access LIFT even on their mobiles”. 

Fraser of Nikki’s Kids Town (NSW) agrees  “We’ve fully implemented LIFT across 3 centres. Educators are hooked and parents amazed. LIFT has brought us out of the paper portfolio dark ages!” 

Jean of Smartie Pants (VIC) adds “LIFT has more than quadrupled our parent involvement in our programs.  I love the fact that we no longer have to worry about double handling documentation, printing or linking to all of the the new requirements.  I also love the fact that LIFT is constantly improving and keeping us up to date on latest news, best practice and requirements.   In a nutshell LIFT saves time and provides peace of mind.”

"Simply the best documentation management solution for the NQF!" 


30 Day Free Trial

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If at the end of the 30 days you no longer wish to continue using LIFT, we will export your data into easily printable reports



"It initially seemed almost too good to be true - that one web program would enable me to do away with laborious costly photocopying, filing and trying to pass messages to individual families or class groups. However LIFT delivers everything it promises and more. From the moment we trialled the new program we were supported..."

"LIFT required very little training...Everything I need when commencing a new program is right there in front of me.   I no longer need to think about what I need to program for a particular child or which child is to be programmed for that cycle as it is ready to go after typing in the observations. LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!!..." Read more...