Ten Reasons to Use LIFT (Video)...

More reasons to choose LIFT...


    • Bank level security
    • Web based - easily accessed from PCs, tablets & smart-phones
    • Each user has their own secure log-in
    • Services maintain full control of who has access
    • Families can only view their own child's information
    • Unlimited number of users (connect all educators, family and extended family to the service)
    • Australian product developed and owned by educators for educators


    • View & comment on daily plans, children's portfolios, newsletters, calendars of events, policies & other documentation
    • Share experiences/learning/photos from home
    • Parents can print portfolios from home (saving time & printing costs)
    • Link other service providers (e.g speech pathologists, OT & other medical specialists)


      • Create beautiful digital portfolios of each child's learning
      • Upload and share images
      • Share links to other services and information on the web
      • Build comprehensive learning assessments using the EYLF, NQS, service goals, class goals, individual children's goals or learning assessment milestones and state/service guidelines
      • Create & link 'follow up' curriculum experiences
      • Draw on over 25,000 planning ideas
      • Capture reflection & review, including guided critical & educational leaders' reflections
      • Display or print plans in a wide range of templates, including slideshows
      • Create professional development portfolios for each educator
      • Manage your own observations, plans, tasks, audits &  professional development in MYLIFT's portal

    Other Service Support Staff

      • Assign tasks to maintenance, cleaning and other staff
      • Connect staff to audits & other service news
      • Meal planning including nutritional report, recipes & menu sharing

    Transition planning

      • Easily prepare and collaborate with new teacher or school
      • Parents can print off their transition reports from the parent portal

      Educational Leaders

        • Reflect, comment & share your reflections with teachers
        • Mentor & guide professional development of staff
        • Each staff member has their own development portfolio of reflections 


        • Build a framework of documentation to meet and exceed expectations in quality assessment
        • Auto-generate documentation required to prepare for & undertake validation
        • Detailed auditing features to review individual, group and service quality
        • Manage your QIP live, assign actions, track progress & report status
        • Task management
          • Collaborate on documents including policies, procedures, newsletters & updates
          • Capture discussions, comments and feedback on all documentation
          • Incident management, including monitoring reports & risk assessment

        Service Owners

          • Access to all operational information
          • Multi-service reports for multiple service owners



        30 Day Free Trial

        Absolutely no risk!

        We know your time is precious.
        If at the end of the 30 days you no longer wish to continue using LIFT, we will export your data into easily printable reports


        "With the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework and the daily requirements expected from staff in terms of record keeping and parental partnership I felt there had to be a more efficient and technologically advanced means by which to operate then by spending hours typing up handwritten observations & filing pieces of paper...LIFT initially seemed almost too good to be true - that one web program would enable me to do away with laborious costly photocopying, filing and trying to pass messages to individual families or class groups. However LIFT delivers everything it promises and more. From the moment we trialled the new program we were supported..."

        " I found LIFT to be so easy to use, that it took the guess work out of how to best document, especially with so many changes being brought into the early childhood sector. The LIFT team, especially Natalie have been great at supporting my team when we needed a little extra help. They are always there to assist, and I never felt lost in any way as I used this amazing program. I would highly recommend LIFT to anyone, looking to find a way to best comply with all that is asked of us as teachers, in the easiest way possible. Keep up the great work guys, LIFT is amazing, and our families love it"

         "After extensive research, we're so happy we chose LIFT. It is easy to use and even those intimidated by computers were surprised at how quickly they picked it up. Parent response has been awesome, they love being able to access LIFT even on their mobiles" 

        "LIFT required very little training...Everything I need when commencing a new program is right there in front of me.   I no longer need to think about what I need to program for a particular child or which child is to be programmed for that cycle as it is ready to go after typing in the observations. LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!!..."