Using iCab Mobile to Optimise LIFT for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch


While the iPad, iPhone and iTouch provide amazing mobile computing capabilities, the lock-down (or should we say "lock-out") of Mobile Safari from the internal filing system is a major issue for browser based software like LIFT (Learning Involving Families & Teachers).    Mobile Safari (Apple mobile device's default browser) does not allow the uploading of images & files stored locally.  This meant that while users could use LIFT and enter their teaching observations & programs, they could not link up their images until uploaded via a PC.

Obviously this situation was less than ideal and we needed to find a secure way to 'work around' this upload issue. Our team investigated many ways this could be done, however the apparent solutions, even the creation of a native iPhone application,  presented numerous issues,  unnecessary complexity and security obstacles. 

ENTER ICAB MOBILE!  An apparent game changer for Apple mobile devices which is a browser "app" that can be downloaded from the iTunes store.  iCab Mobile claims to work the same way any of your normal browsers do, with many more features afforded through the use of mobile technology.  While cautious at first, our team were suitably impressed by iCab Mobile's excellent reviews,  both by the by general PC market critics and the Apple development community,  and felt that investing in optimising for this browser was well worth the time and effort.  Already we have a number of users working in this browser with excellent feedback and the results are promising.

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