Parent Acceptance Policy

Recommended Level: 

Child First names and photographs will be used for documenting and sharing observations about general learning and play* which will be shared securely and privately through this service amongst: 

- teachers & educators of the service;
- parents of the children who are connected via the group or class;
- children in the group or class. 

These can be posted on the wall, shared in teaching discussions or accessed via secure login to this service. 

*In the event that a developmental delay, negative behaviour or any other sensitive information is observed and recorded, that information will only be shared between the family & educators directly engaged in the teaching of that child or children. 

Security Risk/Special Request Level (Recommended in Exceptional Circumstances Only): 

Where there are special protection requirements (custody, witness protection relocation etc.) or where the family do not wish to share their child's learning with others, special requirements for protection of that child's identify will be further made. 

In this case photos will only be accessible through this service privately between the educators and the parents. Posting of photos on walls or sharing amongst children/parents in that group will not be allowed. 

When recording information about that child in a group observation a unique number ID will be used in place of the child's name.