Pricing and Payment Options

Don't forget also that we are offering a free 30 day trial of our product, so you can see for yourself risk free the amazing benefits of using LIFT. 

LIFT Pricing (effective 23 March 2012)

LIFT's child programming & e-portfolio components cost $ 10 per child per calendar year January to December. 

Special discounts apply to larger services or services who signed up prior to 1 October 2011. 


Eligibility notes


16 - 30 enrolments


31 - 60 enrolments


61 -  150 enrolments


Greater than 151 enrolments (including multi-site)
Greater than 15 enrolments and your service signed up for LIFT prior to October 2011

Use of LIFT is conditional of compliance with our 'Normal Usage Policy' & our 'Terms of Use Policy'.  

Please note that additional fees ($10 per month for each 20MB uploaded) will apply to services using LIFT outside/above our normal usage policy.  

Part year / late enrolment discounts (off the base price - see above)

In addition to the discounts above, further discounts apply to enrolments added later in the calendar year. 


Eligibility notes


enrolments after July of each calendar year

50% enrolments after October each calendar year

Use of program creation tool only

Enrolment of students not required

$10 per group per month

Support & Training Fees

Reporting of any technical error via email, phone or mobile support is free.  

Access to support/training varies according to the number of children enrolled.   

Initial/Start up training

For services greater than 15 children this included in plan/usage cost. 
Training is also provided for free for services with less than 15 enrolments in groups of 3 or more

Family day carers can also access free set up training online by optioning into to group training sessions with other family day carers

Onsite training

$150 per hour (travel fees may apply)

Online training

$40 per hour 

Other fees (for large childcare and preschool services only)

Annual data upload of new enrolments (simple as per guidelines)

$50 per upload/site

Annual data upload of new enrolments (data outside of guidelines, but still provided in csv, xls, or mdb format)

per upload/site

Annual data upload of new enrolments - other formats

$40 per hour

Payment Options

We aim to provide flexible payment options plans for a small processing fee. 

We accept all major credit cards, bank deposits & cheques.