How to send email notifications using LIFT

LIFT supports the notification of the primary contact for a child's family.  This means that when you add an observation you can select one child's family to notify. 

 Please ensure that you have set up the primary contact in each child's family information.  You can check this for yourself by:

1. Click Setup

2. Click Search to show all families (or enter a name to search for)

3. Where a nominated primary contact field is empty or incorrect, click View and Edit to modify. 

4. After editing/updating the record Click update. 


If you wish to notify more than one family member of this observation (eg. you enter a observation to be submitted to multiple children), LIFT can faciliate this communication using your own email client such as GMAIL or Microsoft Outlook.  

To do this please ensure:


1. Each child selected has a primary contact email recorded in their 'Family' Information

2. You have enabled your selected mail provider to auto-handle your email links

3. When entering your observation (see above), under 'Access' you select the second notifications link (holding the ctrl key to select one or more children). 

4. After submitting your observation you select the first option 'Click here to notify families of this observation'.  If the link does not auto-open in a new tab, you can force the mail option to open by right clicking on the link and selecting "open link in a new tab". 


For your assistance we have also provided instructions for setting up Gmail to autohandle your email link.