Implementing the EYLF couldn't be simpler!

Amazing new online programming!

A solution that we guarantee your staff & families will love!

LIFT is being used in services across Australia including:

  • Kindergartens & Preschools
  • Long Day Care
  • Family Day Care
  • Out of Hours School Care 

LIFT is an online program planning tool designed specifically to help early childhood teachers:

  • save time & effort compiling and checking paperwork
  • easily record, share & store child observations, photos & programs
  • utilise a variety of curriculum philosophies with different planning & observation techniques
  • connect with busy families in new ways which adapt to our changing world where families have less and less time 
  • meet the new requirements of the Early Years Learning Framework & the new National Quality Standard
  • forget about trying to remember what you observed and the planning ideas you thought of over the last weeks &/or months - LIFT links these together easily!
  • share an extensive & growing list of teaching ideas and resources.

Affordable and supported by a qualified team of experienced teachers & educators and highly secure  

Sign up for a 30 day free trial

There is absolutely no risk! If at the end of the 30 days you no longer wish to continue using LIFT we will export your information,  including your programs, child folio summary information etc.,  into the format of your choice.  

What does LIFT cost?

We have an amazing introductory special of only $10 per child per anum. 
Price includes access to the program, unlimited number of teacher and family users, set up of your service  and full online & telephone training & support. 


"As an early childhood professional I am constantly looking for the best ways to not only teach but also keep records, communicate most effectively with families and make the work environment as productive and efficient as possible. With the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework and the daily requirements expected from staff in terms of record keeping and parental partnership I felt there had to be a more efficient and technologically advanced means by which to operate than by spending hours typing up handwritten observations & filing pieces of paper.

I went online and was beginning to feel a little despondent when I happened upon LIFT in the Raise Learning website. It initially seemed almost too good to be true - that one web program would enable me to do away with laborious costly photocopying, filing and trying to pass messages to individual families or class groups. However LIFT delivers everything it promises and more.From the moment we trialled the new program we were supported and assisted by the friendly LIFT team. Our questions have been promptly answered and the program is so clearly set up with its drop down blue menus & green prompt buttons that even the most technologically challenged will experience success."

Julia Druery (Early Childhood Teacher) Mt. Gravatt QLD


"I just wanted to let you know how brilliant I think the new programming database is (LIFT). First of all, it required very little training and was so easy to pick up on. I love the fact that we can use the children's photos for observations as they are so very easy to download. Having all the children's and families' personal details attached makes it so easy to access, along with any memos we wish to leave ourselves as reminders. I could go on forever about how impressed I am with this new system but most of all I love that it has actually cut my programming time in HALF!!! Everything I need when commencing a new program is right there in front of me, I no longer need to think about what I need to program for a particular child or which child is to be programmed for that cycle as it is ready to go after typing in the observations. LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!, LOVE IT!!"

Jean Vincent (Early Childhood Teacher) Diamond Creek VIC