Updating policies and forms to support use of LIFT


Under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Education and Care National Law 2010, Services are required to protect the privacy of families and children in line with the 11 Information Privacy Principles (IPP): 

The LIFT team understands that meeting your privacy commitments can be challenging and offers to send to any  signed up members to LIFT a template which you can use to update. 

Helpful Suggestion: 

Using LIFT requires that you update your policies to reflect that:

- that storage of your information may extend to secure online electronic services (for example LIFT, CCMS services, email etc.);

- that steps are in place to ensure access only to approved staff (secure systems like LIFT with clear agreed privacy and security policies) or where access is granted to any person other than an approved staff member, this will be done only with the express written permission of the person able to grant permission to access that information (eg. a parent or guardian).