What is LIFT?

LIFT (Learning Involving Families and Teachers) is an secure online 'cloud' database developed by early childhood educators for early childhood educators to manage the vast majority of daily administrative tasks such as:

- observing and planning for children's learning, including linking to all the key National Quality Framework (NQF) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) requirements;

- team action management including a shared calendar and management of the services Quality improvement plan (QIP);

- team documentation management including sharing, commenting and collaborating policies, procedures, reflections and ideas;

- menu planning; 

- incident recording and many more features! 

The most amazing thing about LIFT is the way it allows families to interact and engage with the service.   Through the 'LIFT for families' portal, families can: 

- Share important information about their child, including their preferences and special interests

- See the programs on offer

- See and print their child's portfolio of observations

- Comment on observations

- Share an observation from home

- Collaborate on the review and improvement of important documents like policies and procedures;

- See an online calendar of events, reminders and document review schedules.

Teachers are notified by email when parents submit or change any details in their portal, so teachers never need to worry about missing  any communication ever again!