Why does LIFT sometimes go blank?

This is almost always caused by the use of copied Microsoft Word data (or other MS office data) into LIFT.  


Microsoft converts standard characters you enter into these special characters that only Microsoft software can read and use.  


For example the apostrophe below is converted into the characters you see below!

The problem isn’t copy & paste.  The problem is WHAT is being copied & pasted.


LIFT cannot interpret these characters and will often crash onscreen (causing the screen to go blank). 


At this stage you will need to contact LIFT support to have one of our team assist you to remove these characters so your record can be edited. 


To avoid this we recommend you only use a plain text editor like wordpad or notepad.  We also recommend you look at using our drafting tool, which will essentially eliminate the need to 'pre-write' up your observations outside of LIFT.