Lesson 4

Inviting families to link to their child's portfolio 

While family members details may be recorded in LIFT, access to their family records is not automatic and each family member wishing to gain access to their child's information must,  using a unique email and password,  be processed and linked up to their famiy's records. Families can gain access to their child's LIFT records via two methods:

Important Reminder!
Please note that regardless of which method you use, families must first complete a permission form All methods require a completed permission form first. A template for this form is available from http://www.raiselearning.com.au/pages/recommended-permission-form.

Method 1. (Recommended) Email invitation

Once the invitation has been sent, no further processing of the requirest is required to be taken

  • Click 'Enrolment / Service' (If you haven't already login to your service) - This takes you automatically to the families tab
  • Enter the family name you wish to link to or leave blank to return all families
  • Click Search
  • Click 'Invite' on the right hand side of the family you wish to invite.  Complete the form.  Click submit and an email with a temporary access code will be sent to the person you have invited. 
  • Method 2. Manual Request/Registration via the LIFT's website.  

    This process requires manual processing both by the LIFT team and later by an administrator of your service. 

    Upon completion of this online form the LIFT administration team will link their account to the service requested forprocessing and advise the service that they have done this. Please note that the family will not be able to view their child's record until the service approves access in the Enrolment / Service page of LIFT.

    After receiving written confirmation of their approval to link external persons (including themselves) into LIFT go to tab 'Manage Access', see lesson 5, to process their access.